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The SDES Archive
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Welcome to the SDES Division Archive! This page serves as a history for the division of SDES, including resource to promote identity and branding of SDES on all print, web, and electronic communications produced to support the SDES mission and UCF goals.

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SDES Publication Archive

An archive of SDES publications, PDFs, and more! Includes UKnighted Newsletters, Annual Reports, Calendars, and other SDES publications.

SDES Communication Guide

This guide offers SDES faculty and staff direction to create communications that are supportive of UCF and SDES brand and identity. Branding UCF and/or SDES is more than instructions how to use the UCF trademarks and Pegasus logo. It's a much broader concept including color, typography, fonts, photography, and more.

Media Options

Would you like to get the word out about your SDES offices' services and programs? Would you like to advertise your office's events? Do you have a story to tell? The following are UCF and SDES media options to promote and market your office electronically on the Web or in printed publications. Also included are SDES location options to place your office's printed brochures, flyers, postcards, etc.

Tips, Tools & Resources

A collection of information, tools, tips and links to resources that will assist you with writing, publications and Web site. Some links will take you you to a location outside the SDES site; UCF is not responsible for the content for the content or information. Those links will be noted as external.