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The SDES Communication Guide offers SDES faculty and staff direction to create communications that are supportive of UCF and SDES brand and identity. Branding UCF and/or SDES is more than instructions how to use the UCF trademarks and Pegasus logo. It's a much broader concept including color, typography, fonts, photography, and more.

The goal is to maintain visual identity, consistency, a sense of familiarity and professional quality to UCF and SDES. The below guidelines follow for publications, Web pages, promotional items, etc. In addition, the UCF electronic policies, guidelines and resources links are included.

UCF Graphic Standards & Brand Book

The UCF Brand provides clear boundaries to work within and ensures a consistent message, graphic identity and high level of quality. Please refer to this book for proper use of the UCF Primary Identity Marks and Unit Identity Lockup. Design information of UCF colors, typography, specifications for print, web, video, merchandise and file formats are also included in the book. For more information, contact UCF Marketing at:

UCF Writing/Style Guide

The UCF Writing/Style Guide establishes a writing and editing style guide for UCF printed and online publications, web pages, presentations and other electronic communications. ABC guide provides a consistent and quality voice of UCF. UCF Communications and Marketing follows the writing guidelines in the Associated Press Stylebook for stories unless otherwise noted in the UCF Writing/Style Guide. This reference is not intended to be a duplication of that guide, but a supplement for style, consistency, spelling and terms often encountered around the university.

SDES Printed / Online Publications

SDES printed and online publications must be compliant with UCF Marketing's Brand, and UCF Writing Style Guide. Include the UCF Primary Identity Mark or University Signature prominently on publication the cover publication. On the back cover or somewhere in the publication, include "Orlando, Florida." This gives UCF's location if the publication is viewed by someone out-of-state. Identify the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services on the front of all publications including flyers, presentations, communications.