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The SDES Archive

Would you like to get the word out about your SDES offices' services and programs? Would you like to advertise your office's events? Do you have a story to tell? The following are UCF and SDES media options to promote and market your office electronically on the Web or in printed publications. Also included are SDES location options to place your office's printed brochures, flyers, postcards, etc.

  • UCF Today — Promote your office on the UCF Today Web site. It is important to keep SDES articles visible in UCF Today to get the word to students, faculty and staff of SDES services and programs.

  • UCF News and Information — This office will accept news for consideration for the UCF home Web page: Must contact the office at least three weeks before your event.

  • Campus Connections Program — The UCF Library's program spotlights various departments and creates awareness of the student services available on campus. A table will be set up in the Library across from the Circulation Desk for an office to give out information and answer questions in the morning or afternoon session of every Tuesday. Contact Hal Mendelsohn at:


As of June 2009, the UKnighted Newsletter is no longer a monthly newsletter. The UKnighted will be printed semesterly, Summer: August 1, Fall: November 1, Spring: May 1. Semesterly printed and electronic PDF UKnighted newsletter is disbursed to everyone in the SDES Division (printed/Web PDF) and to many other departments across campus. Submit information in a Word document and photos in jpg/tif/eps format, contact

  • UKnighted Front Page article: 475-700 word-count depending how many photos/chart are used. Front page article is decision of editor and the director for Assessment and Planning. Suggestions are welcomed. Please give couple months advance notice.

  • SDES News/UKnighted articles: 170 words or less - be precise in your information. Photos are welcomed and quotes enhance the story. A good title for your article draws people to read them. I invite you to suggest a title for your article - otherwise we will provide one. The title should be informative to article and short (5-8 words).

  • Photos: Photo preference is that come right off your camera with no sizing/color adjusting. If high resolution photos are submitted, there is an opportunity to have the option to use them for other publications or crop parts out of them. Photos should be print quality jpg / tif / eps format. Please include captions for photos. See Tips, Tools and Information link.

  • Quotes enrich a news story. Check that names are properly spelled correctly and in entirety.

SDES ListServ

SDES information may be sent out to everyone in the division. When submitting an email(s) to go to all SDES Faculty, A&P, and USPS employees on the SDES ListServ, please provide information in the following format: Thank you for your cooperation.

  • To: SDES
  • Submitted by: name, title, office
  • Contact: who should be contacted for questions
  • Body of letter

Also, if it is an event, please include date, time and location. SDES ListServ information is sent to Carolyn Standner at:

SDES Information Areas

Many SDES offices have an informational areas at their front desk or outside their office. Ask your fellow office if they can place your brochures or flyers in their area to help promote your office's programs or events.