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The SDES Archive


Welcome to the Tips, Tools and Resources page! On this page, you will find a collection of information, tools, tips and links to resources that will assist you with writing, publications and Web site. Some links will take you you to a location outside the SDES site; UCF is not responsible for the content for the content or information. Those links will be noted as external.


Whether it is a simple flyer, brochure, newsletter, calendar to a book, printed or online, the following will be helpful in your publications.

Graphics & Photos

Important: Always hold down your shift key when you resize your graphic or photo. A good practice is to photograph at a high resolution as it will give you more options to use that photo for large high quality pictures in publications and and to use portions of the photo. When you have a higher pixel resolution set, you will not be able to take as many photos as lower resolution but these photos can be used for printed publications. You can always lower the resolution of a photo but if you start with a low resolution photo, you cannot go higher. It is also suggested to keep in a separate folder the 'raw'-untouched photos. When working with photos to do a 'Save As...' because if you lower the resolution and Save on the 'raw' photo, you will lose high quality you may need for later publications.


Design is used in many aspects of our life from personal aesthetic/functional choice in the way we arrange our living area to applying it to professionally in the arts, publications or engineering. Whether you are an amateur or professional, there are basic elements and principles for all to follow. Included in this list is visual effects of design. All the following links are External.